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Electrical services


DEFINITE SYSTEMS INT’L LTD has potential and capability to undertake all classes of electrical installation work and lightings, raging from low to high voltages for residential and industrial private or commercial use

We are specialized in the design and installation of street lighting and power distribution systems (overhead/underground) as well as switch board/electrical panels installation.

We equally procure and install power transformer and standby generating systems.

One of the critical areas we are involved in is the design and installation of lightning    protection Dissipation Array System (DAS), which provides a protective zone around any facilities where system is installed.

We supply and install all kinds of Electrical and Instrument Cables and wires

PROTECTION BENEFITS: Effective transient over voltage protection can prevent:

i. lost or destroyed data

ii. equipment damage

iii. repair work - especially costly for remote or unmanned installations

iv. the high cost of extended stoppages - sales

v. lost to competitors, lost production, deterioration or spoilage of work in progress

vi. loss of essential services - fire alarm,

Our Mission

To be a leading company in the Oil and Gas Industry, marine and Telecoms, Government, Public and organized private sector in the prompt delivery of high quality projects and services.As a leader in our industry, we have always worked to develop advanced technology and innovative methods.

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