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HSE Commitment

DEFINITE SYSTEMS INT’L LTD is a fully indigenous Engineering Company committed to provide quality and competitive services in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry, Marine and Telecoms, Government, Public and organized private sector with a vision to becoming a world-class company.
We have achieved our success in business through HSE-MS commitment.
It is expected that DEFINITE SYSTEMS INT’L LTD leadership demonstrates commitment in HSE as follows; 
Absolute belief in the company’s ability to continually improve its HSE performance.
Empower and encourage staff at all levels to take personal responsibility and take a leadership role in HSE issues relevant to their professional work, environment and host communities.
Set clear objectives and targets for HSE and review performance at regular intervals.
Ensure and create a non-blame working environment.
NERO OILS & GAS Managing Director, Chairman, Project Manager and Site Supervisor shall lead by example, motivate employees under them to adopt high HSE standards, provide resources to identify, eliminate or reduce and manage HSE risks
Managing Director/ Chairman

Shall provide HSE competence Assurance.
Formulating and periodically reviewing strategic objectives.
Participating in management Audit inspection.
Shall be the chief driver at implementing and maintaining HSE-MS.
He shall also lead high potential incident investigations.
Participating in all high- risk activities.

project Manager

Leading medium and lower potential incident investigation.
Manage company sub- contractors HSE.
Implementing the company sectional management system.
Leading sectional HSE meetings.
Participate in management site audit inspection schedule.
To carry out side inspection and audits once every two months.

Site Supervisor

To chair the HSE meeting once every month
To chair Tool Box Meeting every day of the work
To carry out site inspection and audits daily
Participate in incident investigation.
To be part of the inspection team

Our Mission

To be a leading company in the Oil and Gas Industry, marine and Telecoms, Government, Public and organized private sector in the prompt delivery of high quality projects and services.As a leader in our industry, we have always worked to develop advanced technology and innovative methods.

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