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Fire & Safety Equipment

DSIL offers unbeatable Addressable and conventional fire Detection and Alarm systems Procurement, installation and maintenance.
DSIL is a master in Fire suppression system (FM 200) for computer suites, Data centres, seismic Data Tape stores and all IT equipment Rooms DSIL offers a wide range of vehicle fire suppression systems. Since mobile equipment has grown in size and complexity, so have our system Engineers and chemists jointly developed a new generation of fire detection and suppression products including Triple IR Detection,Twin-Agent Suppressing/Cooling Technology.
From small vehicles to large non-road equipment, you’ll find our systems protecting excavators, haul trucks, loaders, drag lines, dozers, drills, scrapers, graders, compactors, slag pot carriers, underground mining equipment, forestry and agricultural vehicles.
VAESD® Detection Equipment
DSIL VESDA Aspirating smoke detection technology offers the earliest possible warning of a potential fire.
Detection and Control Equipment 
When automatic 24/7 fire protection is required, select from our complete line of
AUTOPULSE® detection, control and fire suppression system release panels.
Detection options include smoke, heat and flame detection. Also consider our VESDA®
aspirating smoke detection technology.

Our Mission

To be a leading company in the Oil and Gas Industry, marine and Telecoms, Government, Public and organized private sector in the prompt delivery of high quality projects and services.As a leader in our industry, we have always worked to develop advanced technology and innovative methods.

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